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“As a minimally invasive cosmetic implant focused dentist who has used erbium lasers for almost 14 years, I am very impressed with ergonomics and efficiency of the Lite Touch laser.

It is an excellent tool that cuts very well on multiple tissues to make you micro-conservative and precise in treating varied dental conditions. Many patients have also been impressed with very modern design that demonstrates a more advanced technology. Way to go!”

Dr. Hugh Flax, USA

“The revolutionary LiteTouch™ is our preferred Er:YAG laser because it is extremely robust, user-friendly, cost-effective, compact and very handy to move around in our postgraduate and student clinics. We are using LiteTouch™ especially in our pedodontic clinics and it makes part of our teaching curriculum for postgraduate and graduate students.”

Prof. Dr. Ivo Krejci

President, University of Geneva Dental School, Switzerland

“Imagine doing an MO on #18 or a large OF on 32 without any anesthetic? Both patients were simply amazed as was I!  This was just my first week with my Lite Touch™ and there so much more to learn.”

Dr. Lou Graham, USA

“LiteTouch™ enabled me to perform many procedures with no anesthesia, and my patients felt no pain. In the past, such treatments might require anesthesia. LiteTouch™ also allowed for speedy cutting of teeth far faster than I had expected.”

Dr. Tsutomu Osuga

Onkun Group, Osuga Dental Clinic WHERE – city , Japan

“I would like to express my sincere gratitude to Light Instruments for delivering the new LiteTouch™ laser. The Laser-in-the Handpiece™ is really a great assistant. LiteTouch’s innovative direct delivery system allows flexibility, thus LiteTouch™ can be used in any part of the mouth without any difficulty. Additionally, it has no fiber and there is a minimum loss of energy in the transmission from the laser chamber to the mouth. I am very impressed of the duration of the tips, a fact that has tremendously reduced our consumption costs. LiteTouch’s handling is very easy and smooth. The indicator’s fiber tips are very well assorted and I highly recommend its use”.

Prof. Andreas Moritz MD, DMD

Head of School of Dentistry, Medical University of Vienna, Austria. Past President of SOLA – International Society of Oral Laser Applications.

“I am a proud LiteTouch™ user since 2007, enjoying its remarkable clinical and ergonomic advantages in my private clinic as well as in researches and educational programs at the University of Geneva. Our investigations have demonstrated LiteTouch’ s ability of finishing of cavities, especially of the margins in enamel. Moreover, LiteTouch™ calls off the need in additional measures for a finishing of the cavity margins such as acid etching, mechanical finishing with finishing-diamonds or application of ultrasound, allowing secure, painless and more rapid clinical procedures without compromising marginal quality. In my opinion LiteTouch™ is the best Hard Tissue laser in the market, and is the most appropriated to cover wide range of procedures in a practice.”

Carl A. Bader; Dr.med.dent

Private practice, Porrentruy, Switzerland. Scientific Instructor; Division of Cariology and Endodontology, University of Geneva, Switzerland. Instructor in Dental Laser Applications, Program of Master of Advanced Studies in Oral Biology, University of Geneva, Switzerland.

“The ability to treat many mandibular molars without having to give inferior alveolar nerve blocks has increased my willingness to conservatively treat lesions at their earliest appearance. I am also surprised how often I can prepare teeth without anesthetic. One patient told me I should tell the world about this great new technology, but then on second thought said to say nothing because if they found out I would be so busy that he would not be able to make an appointment.”

Dr. Daniel Ward – USA

“Lasers should be an integral part of every progressive clinician’s office. The new LiteTouch™ Erbium:YAG laser is certainly a welcome addition to mine and has changed the way I treatment plan and execute my restorative options for my patients. In my opinion, the LiteTouch™ has no competition in the industry for a laser that everyone should own.  Price, ergonomics, ease of use, and available training are all reasons that LiteTouch™ distributor in USA has done it again with their introduction of the industry’s best new laser!”

Dr. David Hornbrook – USA

“From my personal experience as a pedodontist, and as found in recent research we performed at Plovdiv University, LiteTouch™ generates good perception and acceptance from children, making it easy to manage their behavior during dental treatment. Children prefer to be treated with a laser rather than with rotary instruments. They demonstrated cooperation during treatment with the LiteTouch™ Er:YAG laser. I found LiteTouch`s new “Gentle Treatment” application, including low energy levels, excellent for obtaining an analgesic effect. Reduction of pain strengthens the relationship between the dentist and the child, creates trust, lowers dental anxiety and fear, and encourages positive behavior during next dental visit. This is why I recommend that my colleagues use the LiteTouch™ Er:YAG laser for pedodontic treatments. It assists prevention and an improved experience, completely transforming patients’ perception of dentistry.”

Prof. Ani Belcheva – DDS, MSc, PhD

Associate Professor, Department of Pediatric Dentistry Faculty of Dental Medicine, Medical University, Plovdiv, Bulgaria.

“In my studies, the LiteTouch™ laser displays several advantages over other lasers, including high incision quality, removing several cell layers, improved healing properties, and postoperative benefits for patients. Moreover, in dental clinical procedures, many patients are fearful of injections due to painful and traumatic experiences. In my clinical report, the LiteTouch™ Er:YAG laser provides a safe and effective clinical method for the removal of lesions, and can be used with topical anesthesia, eliminating the need for needlestick local anesthesia. My research has indicated that water spray surface coolant is critical in suppressing heat-induced surface alterations and protecting the tissue. Inadequate water cooling may result in laser-induced charring, which may affect and delay healing. As the LiteTouch™ Er:YAG laser’s energy is accompanied by water spray, the laser will not cause heat injury on the tooth surface or pulp. Finally, the Lite Touch Er:YAG laser provides an effective and reliable method for dental treatment, with satisfactory clinical outcomes.”

Dr. Leo, Chang-Kai Chen

Department of Periodontology, School of Dentistry, National Defense Medical Center and Tri-Service General Hospital, Taipei, Taiwan, ROC. Section of Dentistry, Zuoying Armed Forces General Hospital, Kaohsiung, Taiwan, ROC

“I have been a proud user of LiteTouch for the last 3 years. I am working with this amazing laser system as a general practitioner in our private practice, using it every day in almost every procedure we are performing.

In a time when periodontal disease is are one of the most common diseases in the oral cavity it is important to have adequate treatment tools for it. The LiteTouch and its chisel tip give us the chance to do this.

This flat tip can be used for scaling and root planing of periodontally involved root surfaces. After seeing wonderful treatment results, I had the opportunity to investigate this use of the Chisel tip also in my PhD Study (performed in Medical University-Plovdiv Bulgaria). I explored in vivo and in vitro the treatment of root surfaces with the chisel tip, and I am happy to share with all LiteTouch friends and users that this treatment shows very good clinical and microbiological effectiveness without causing root surface alterations and temperature increases.”

Dr. Blagovesta Yaneva, Plovdiv University, Bulgaria.

“We have a laser education program since fifteen years and we got the opportunity to practice with a lot of different wavelengths and lasers. So, I can give you our opinion without any problem. The LiteTouch™ laser is a very surprising one.  Surprising because it’s a small but powerful Er-YAG laser, not at all bulky, easy to transport from one room to another room and it’s an important aspect in a clinic with more than 30 chairs.  Secondly the specific handpiece that integrates the laser mechanism (production of photons) within a small sized chamber, finally mimics a turbine handpiece. It’s really a laser easy to use and our students preparing cavities in restorative dentistry or conducting current oral surgery, enjoy with.”

Prof. Dr. Jean-Paul Rocca,

Scientific Director of the DUOLA (University Diploma) and EMDOLA (European Master Degree in Oral Laser Applications) at the University of Nice-Sophia Antipolis, France and University Hospital of Nice. Former President of the WFLD (World Federation of Laser Dentistry)

“The LITETOUCH™ allows me to treat my patients in a high tech – minimally invasive fashion. Whether it is anesthesia free restorative dentistry or minimally invasive soft tissue surgery, my patients are amazed at what I can do for them with this technology. All in all, I practice better dentistry because of the LITETOUCH™ and I would not practice without it.”

Dr. Ron Kaminer – USA

“The LiteTouch™ laser from is a breakthrough in Er:YAG category. It is the first hard and soft tissue dental laser with an innovative laser in the handpiece technology. The size of the laser handpiece is similar to a turbine or electric rotary drill, so it is very comfortable and familiar when in use. It has a remarkably small footprint yet extremely powerful and versatile. This laser will change how we do everything in dentistry.”

Dr. John Comisi – USA

“After receiving a conventional training in Periodontics, it is not always easy to leave old paradigms that left no place for Laser Therapy. In the past ten years, scientific evidence has emerged, showing the effectiveness and advantages of Er:Yag Laser therapy in periodontics and oral surgery. This allowed me to open my mind and explore the wonderful world of Laser therapy.

The ability to adapt and to set the power, frequency, energy, direction and diameter of the Laser beam provides infinity of solutions that makes the Er:Yag laser an unavoidable tool in modern surgery. The laser improves the surgical precision and preserves the adjacent tissues. The advantages of Laser therapy over other mechanical instruments are highlighted even further with the use of microsurgery. “I feel very excited to discover a new world after several years in which I believed that everything has already been said and done.”

Dr. Bernard Dahan, Periodontist

Founder of the Moria Periodontal Centre, Haifa – Israel – Limited to Periodontics, Microsurgery and Implantology Director of the Moria Training Centre – the Private Academy

“I have been using an integrated Er:YAG laser in my clinical protocol for five years. This technology has provided me with a tool that offers the level of precision required for decontamination microsurgery. The ergonomic design and exceptional performance of the LiteTouch™ laser allows me to work in a highly efficient manner with optical aids, achieving tissue micro-ablation under a visual check and by destabilizing the biofilms. Its anti-inflammatory and antiseptic effects are fundamentally important for periodontology. The strong water absorption for which the Er:YAG laser is known means that it is suitable for multiple surgical applications, particularly in the area of gingival microsurgery and in assisted pre-implant bone regeneration procedures. LiteTouch™ Er:YAG laser has become, for me, an indispensable tool for non-invasive procedures.”

Dr. Fabrice Baudot – Dental Surgeon

M. Sc. in Biological and Medical Science Graduate Studies Certification in Peridontology, Degree in Peridontology and Implantology. Founder of the “Institut de Micro Chirurgie Parodontale” (Montpellier, France). Instructor in Ergonomics and Micro-Surgery using Zeiss surgical microscopes (Lunea Group)

“Since 2007 I have been using different dental lasers, but after implementing Light Instruments` LiteTouch™ dental laser in my practice, I am finally satisfied. It allowed me to perform several necessary surgical steps with easily handling 360º rotating hand piece.  Indeed, it makes me to enjoy working with it. I am amazed by its powerful cutting ability and efficiency for caries removal and other general restorative treatments. The procedures are quicker, there is minimal noise, vibration and anesthesia is rarely required.  This laser maximally facilitates my work on hard and soft tissue and thanks to his unique maneuverability I had a great opportunity to add up to any single spot within the periodontal pocket. This laser makes it possible to provide optimal periodontal therapy within the standard of care.    I can perform closed curettage of periodontal pocket by removing concrements, reducing the bacteria responsible for periodontal disease and  the most important  ablating  the soft tissue by selectively removing epithelial cell layers at a time. LiteTouch™ is unique. Now I can successfully achieve the results that I had previously accomplished only by using more aggressive surgical techniques. This paradigm shift in treatment, simply,  is not based on the Er:YAG replacing traditional periodontal therapies  altogether; rather it is based on using a new high-tech instrument with proven results to manipulate the tissue interfaces and manage the concept of cellular kinetics and the “cellular race.” In addition, I also got benefit from using the treatment capabilities of LiteTouch™ in successful and effective performance of traditional procedures, such as gingivectomy, frenectomy and other advanced procedures, such as functional or cosmetic crown lengthening, uncovering implants and treatment of periimplantitis. It appears that LiteTouch™ Next Generation Erbium: YAG Laser is not just an updated technology, but it is a tool. Everyone who wants to conduct conscientious dentistry in the future inevitably will have to integrate the advantages of LiteTouch™ laser into her or his therapeutic strategy.”

We taught them the skills they would need. And the tools. Then, as now, technology was the key to our survival. “Pale Blue Dot” by Carl Sagan.

Prof. Dr. Ana Minovska

Faculty of Dentistry, European University R. Macedonia.

“I’ve been working with Erbium Yag lasers for 7 years in my everyday practice. I’ve been using (and I currently still use) both Er-YAG lasers with fiber transmission and Er-YAG lasers with articulated arm transmission.

It’s well known that lasers with fibers are very simple to use (specially the fiber based ones) but the performance is worse than the articulated arm one.

By using the new LiteTouch™, I could find a good mix between the 2 systems mentioned above.

The “Laser in Handpiece” technology allows me to have the same (perhaps even better) performance of an articulated arm laser, and at the same time, to have an ergonomics which is even higher than the fiber.

In addition to these positive characteristics, there is the fact that there are no fiber deterioration or mirrors bad alignment problems.

Due to this particular technology, this laser has small dimensions and an evidently reduced weight, and this allows the user to move it easily in restricted spaces, and to carry it from one clinic to another one without any problem (I’m used to work in 2 different clinics which are 20 km apart); moreover, being so small, it looks very familiar, and it is extremely important for those like me, who work a lot with children, for having a funny approach with them.

And it is precisely in working with children that I can appreciate the excellent ergonomics of the handpiece, which can rotate 360°, and being so thin allows me to reach every part of the mouth; moreover the possibility to replace the tips without the help of any instruments, and to rotate it on its own axis in order to adapt it to teeth’s conformation, speeds up the everyday practice.

Finally, the excellent performance of the tips allows me, and this is very important, to use very low energy levels with children, respecting and preserving the healthy tissues.”

Dr. Caterina Faccin (Italy)

“In my personal experience Erbium laser applications or Er:YAG assisted procedures are very useful and lead to perform superior dentistry in comparison with conventional tools.

Thus I use frequently different erbium laser devices in my daily practice.

Among them most often I prefer LiteTouch because there is no risk to burn fiber like happens in some other brands. LiteTouch starts to operate very quickly and avoid time waste; it is very

ergonomic and due to the “Laser-in-the-Handpiece” industrial design, it permits me to work even in difficult angulations with superior vision. The variety of different erbium lasers that I use, involve significant maintenance costs. LiteTouch`s low maintenance costs lead me to prefer it, to reduce overall expenses in my clinic while enjoying high performance and all the benefits unique to laser dentistry: micro surgery, quicker healing, minimal invasive treatments and higher acceptance of dental treatments by patients.

I recommend my friendly LiteTouch to my colleagues, especially for its short learning curve, depending from a simple and clear menu program covering almost all the needed indications.

In few words LiteTouch Er:YAG “Laser-in-the-Handpiece” is the most “handy” one in my routine.”

Dr. Tosun Tosun – Private practioner, Istanbul, Turkey.

Professor a.c. in the Department of Surgical and Diagnostic Sciences (DI.S.C.), Medical School, University of Genova, Italy

“I’d been using dental lasers for more than 25 years, and for the last 15 years researching Er:YAG laser bone applications at the Oral Rehabilitation School of Dental Medicine in Tel Aviv University.

In my whole career and research work, I had the opportunity to work with different dental lasers, among them LiteTouch™, the best dental Er:YAG  laser in my point of view, mainly because its high delivered energy as a consequence of  the position of the active medium.

In addition, as there is no need to change delivery system, there are almost no maintenance costs or efforts involved in the use of LiteTouch™.

LiteTouch’s handpiece is small and feels like a turbine drill, allowing complete free movement, thus the learning curve and transition from using traditional tools, is very short.

One of my research center recent findings was that LiteTouch™’s thermal effectiveness highly contributes to achieving a sterile environment, thus accelerating bone growth factors as well as healing processes. An article about this study will soon be published at the Journal of Oral Implantology, and an abstract can be seen at PubMed portal (http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/20594059)

LiteTouch™ made my practice easier fast, precise and comfortable, thus I recommend my colleagues choosing LiteTouch™ the unique fiber-free Er:YAG laser.”

Dr. Gabi Kesler DMD

Former Coordinator of laser clinic, Department of Oral Rehabilitation School of Dental Medicine, Tel-Aviv University, Immediate Past President, Academy of Laser Dentistry (ALD)

“Seeking a laser that could effectively cut hard tissue, I tried various lasers, but did not find what I was looking for. I abandoned the idea of cutting hard tissue, and purchased a carbon gas laser like many other Japanese dentists. Through my practice, I had an opportunity to see a demo of LiteTouch™ laser. I was very inspired by the laser and decided to purchase it immediately. LiteTouch™ is the most effective laser available for cutting hard tissues. Any doctor interested in LiteTouch™ should see an actual demo. You will be impressed!”

Dr. Hideo Kanbayashi

Administrative Director Keyaki Dori Dental Clinic, Fukoka City, Japan.

“I have been using lasers for more than 15 years in different dental procedures. Two years ago, I started using the LiteTouch™ laser, and I must say that it is revolutionary. LiteTouch™’s innovative direct delivery system allows for effortless manipulation, and can be used in any part of the mouth with ease. The variable pulse technology enables performance of hard and soft tissue procedures with the same efficiency. As LiteTouch™ has no fiber; there is no loss of power during energy transmission from the laser chamber to the mouth. If you are looking for one laser that can perform different procedures in your dental practice, this is it.”

Dr. Mark Levin D.M.D

Medical Director, Mediclinic Medical Center, Tel Aviv, Israel.

“As the Dean of Hadassah School of Dental Medicine at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and Head of its Endodontic Department, I have worked with several lasers and conducted research projects studying their applications in clinical procedures. Since I believed that laser technology would become an integrated part of dentistry, I was active in establishing a laser dentistry course in the final year of our DMD program. During my term as Dean, LiteTouch™ lasers were introduced into clinical use in our School of Dental Medicine in Jerusalem. The LiteTouch™ laser by Light Instruments Ltd. became an important addition to the Endodontic Department armamentarium. Our research studies showed that this laser is able to clean the root canal system efficiently and its use was recommended especially in difficult cases associated with infection of the root canal system and its periapical tissues. The LiteTouch™ laser handpiece has good ergonomics and is user friendly. Its learning curve was very short and the small dimensions of this laser handpiece enable ease of intraoral use. It is also simple to move the laser between the various clinics of our departments. I believe that in the future lasers will gain a more dominant role in modern dental medicine.”

Prof. Adam Stabholz.

Former Dean, Hadassah School of Dental Medicine, The Hebrew University- Jerusalem, Israel.

“The LiteTouch™ laser device is the most perfect Er:YAG laser. This device has very good performance and efficient parameters.

Dental procedures in the field of cariesology, endodontics, periodontology, prosthetic dentistry and oral surgery can be performed with LiteTouch™.

The device has all the necessary parameters of safety at work, it doesn’t have any conducing system and thus the amount of laser energy for treatment of soft and hard tissues is guaranteed.

The maintenance of the Litetouch™ laser is guaranteed by the local distributor, providing a professional staff with the necessary technical qualifications. The local distributor also provides perfect theoretical and practical training.

Laser therapy is the future of the dentistry and more and more colleagues understand this.

LiteTouch™ laser meets all the conditions for painless, bloodless, selectively targeting procedures, it is ergonomic and I recommend it to all dentists for use in daily dental practice.”

Prof. Dr. J. Kamenova

Faculty of Dental Medicine, Medical University, of Sofia, Bulgaria.

“I have worked clinically with several lasers and also conducted research projects studying their applications in clinical procedures.  The Lite Touch™ laser by Light Instruments Ltd.  is an important addition to the endodontic armamentarium since our research studies show that this laser is able to clean efficiently the root canal system producing good results, even in difficult cases.

The LiteTouch™ laser hand piece has good ergonomics and is user friendly, such that the learning curve is short. The small dimensions of this laser enable ease of use intraorally as well as making it simple to move between clinics of various departments.

The Israel Society of Lasers in Dentistry (ISLD) was re-launched in 2013, thanks to Light Instruments Ltd. sponsorship and support to keep the organization members up to date with new developments in laser technology and with their clinical applications.”

Dr. Sharonit Sahar-Helft

Department of Endodontics – Hadassah School of Dental Medicine, The Hebrew University, Jerusalem, Israel. Coordinator of the course for lasers in dentistry for our final year students. Former Chairman of the Israel Society of Lasers in Dentistry (ISLD)

“It is a great pleasure having the LiteTouch™ laser in our dental office!  I `ve been using Er:YAG lasers for five years, but the LiteTouch™ made a brake through in the everyday practice of laser dentistry! The efficiency of working in hard and soft tissues, the simplicity of the software, the “easy going” ergonomics and the easy device maintenance makes this high-tech device the most frequently used one in the office!

Having the LiteTouch™ always by the hand, many procedures got faster and easier. It helps making superior aesthetics when combined with prosthetics, less complicated post operative period in surgical procedures, less anesthesia appliance for restorative fillings. It is amazing for perio!

LiteTouch™ makes a new image of your dental office, many recommendations from the patients and overall a fresh input in your practice.”

Dr. Daniela Cvetanovska Stojcheva

ETERNAdent private clinic, Skopje, R. Macedonia.

“I have gotten very good results since I purchased my LiteTouch™ laser. In most cases, anesthesia has not been necessary for the treatment of caries. I was surprised by the fact that I could selectively make treatments, without cutting healthy dentin, even for very small caries. Anesthesia was also not required for soft tissue treatments. Removal of gums, cleaning of periodontal pockets, and secondary operations of implants became much easier. I want this laser to have a crucial role in my future treatments.”

Futaba Dental Clinic City, Japan

“The LiteTouch™ system is truly a great assistant. It is easy to use and its effects are more powerful than those of other laser systems. LiteTouch™ features the efficient 360° swivel handpiece. Additionally, it has no fiber and allows for decreased the rate of injury and faster recovery time. Patients recommend their relatives or friends to accept the oral surgery with the LiteTouch™ laser system. I believe that LiteTouch™ represents not only a high-tech product, but also an attitude: an attitude of bringing patients the greatest comfort and reliability.”

Dr Richard Liao

Jin-Tai Clinic, Taiwan

“I’ve been working with LiteTouch™ Er:YAG laser for one year.

I am extremely pleased with the ease of use. It is easy to work with it; the handpieve is flexible, lightweight and comfortable. LiteTouch™ is widely used in the treatment of dental hard tissues, periodontology and dental surgery.

The LiteTouch™ laser has powerful bactericidal effect, preventing complications after surgical procedures. LiteTouch™ is extremely convenient for cavity preparation.

It is the absolute instrument of the modern dentistry, which provides complete comfort when treating patients – no pain, no vibration, no stress.

It is especially widely used in pediatric dentistry. In the treatment of children, the LiteTouch™ laser is mandatory for all possible cases and manipulations. Children are the future, they should not be afraid of the dentist but should acquire habits of regular visits to him. That’s why the LiteTouch™ laser is mandatory for children – no fear, no pain – no bad memories.

The LiteTouch™ Er:YAG laser is easy to transport, lightweight and compact with comfortable handle for the dentist. So I can use it in both dental rooms. As a scientist I believe that the LiteTouch™ laser therapy has many more positive aspects that are waiting to be discovered“

Dr. Galya Zhegova

Senior assistant, Department of Pediatric Dentistry, Faculty of Dental Medicine, Medical University, of Sofia, Bulgaria.

“I started working with LiteTouch™ last year. According to the Mayan’s calendar we were expecting for the end of the world, but for me 2012 has become a new beginning.

LiteTouch™  completely  changed my philosophy and professional view of treatment that with each passing day was noticed by my patients.

With this great technical masterpiece in hands, I feel myself, as the French’s says “Art Dentaire”, not just a profession, but an art, to feel unique!

It is easily to perform cleaning of cavity or to make an incision, even complex surgical procedures are available in daily practice, with one undeniable and unbeatable advantage…. bactericidal effect at work and ability to be minimally invasive, that gives the patients comfortable treatment and the most important, continuous of everyday’ s life, which is precious and appreciable for them.

Well-structured menu and array of tips facilitate my work, save my time and improve performance of my income, invaluable for every colleague.

And as said the great Cervantes in Don Quixote that “teeth are people’s diamonds”, in my practice LiteTouch™ became my great jewel.”

Dr. Alexander Gontar, Bulgaria

“I graduated from the National Defense Medical Center in Taipei in 1968, later obtained my doctoral degree (Ph.D.) at the University of New York at Buffalo in 1981. I excelled in researching, teaching, and clinical performance, and was promoted to Professor in 1987. I’ve served as the Chairman and Professor of Dental Department at Cheng Hsin General Hospital, Taipei, Taiwan since 2000. I started to explore and evaluating C02 laser products and instruments for soft tissue management seventeen year ago, and began to use Waterlase MD for my practice since 2006. Starting in 2007, I have incorporated the use of LiteTouch™ Laser for my practice, and I must say it is a wonderful innovation for dental practice.I’ve enjoyed using LiteTouch™ which allows me to fully utilize the handpiece in patients’ mouths with water spray together. Like other Er lasers used to treat all oral tissues, soft and hard tissue absorbs in water, but LiteTouch™ can also be used in various periodontal procedures including calculus removal, gingivectomy, pocket elimination, and flap operation without the loss of energy through the oral procedures. In addition to periodontal disease treatments, I also benefit from using LiteTouch™ to prepare oral surgical site for dental implant placement. With recent advances in this laser direct delivery system, it appears that dental practitioners can now use lasers on both hard and soft tissues with safety and expected outcomes.  As a Professor and a Chairman of Dental Department in the hospital, I’ve always had the drive to learn updated technologies for the last 30 years. In Taiwan many doctors consider me as the pioneer in dentistry. Not only I’ve started my implant treatments earlier than most Taiwanese doctors, also I’ve been lecturing on the topics of Er: YAG lasers in major dental events in Taiwan. I am proud to be a luminary doctor of LiteTouch™, the next generation of Er: YAG laser system which is not just a technology breakthrough, but also a new point view of dental treatments toward the patients and doctors. LiteTouch™’s “no fiber” design gives more stable transmitting, and less expense for replacement. Personally, I like its powerful cutting ability that allows me to proceed any hard tissue treatments more easily. Also it’s small and well-fit in the office, allowing me more space to move around. I recommend all the laser users to take a look at the innovative LiteTouch™, it’s different, it’s unique, and it’s simply the best.”

Dr. Tzi-Kang Peng, DDS, MSc, PhD

Professor and Chairman, Dental Department, Cheng Hsin General Hospital.

“We have been working with LiteTouch™ dental laser for two years.

There are almost no treatments that we do not perform with LiteTouch™.

It copes wonderfully with the cleaning of carious defects. The patients are very pleased; there is no pain, no noise and no vibration from the turbine. It is surprising how many patients are fearful of the specific noise and vibrations!

In periodontology LiteTouch™ is irreplaceable. The curettage of the periodontal pockets with hand curettes is labor-consuming and tiring work. My practice of many years as a periodontologist damaged my hands and I almost gave up doing my favorite work. The LiteTouch™ laser changed my decision and I feel great in my dental room once again.

LiteTouch™ completely changed our dental practice – it changed the attitude of the patients and even of our colleagues towards us. A patient who was once treated with the LiteTouch™ laser does not accept the performance of conventional treatment anymore. He is even ready to wait for an appointment! The LiteTouch™ laser significantly facilitated our work in every respect. The healing process passes much faster.

The LiteTouch™ dental laser is well accepted by both children and adults.

When we considered buying a laser for our practice we had the opportunity to compare many lasers, offered on the market. We chose Light Instruments’ LiteTouch™, because it is extremely easy to operate. The lack of optical fibers in the handle makes LiteTouch™ very comfortable to use, and Last but not least, it is important to mention its inexpensive maintenance. “

Dr. Nikolova and Dr. Kisyov

Laser Dentistry Center, Bulgaria.

“Since the middle of 2009 I have been working with LiteTouch™ laser system. I am exceptionally pleased with my practice with it. I apply laser therapy in the field of pediatric dentistry, therapy and surgery. The results are much better in comparison with the conventional therapy. I am particularly grateful to LiteTouch™ laser, because all children come to me without fear. The parents are also pleased to see their smiling faces. Because I am a young dentist, I find it very interesting to perform minor surgical interventions that in other cases I would not have undertaken. The variety of different options increases my qualification and maintains my interest in different approaches in dentistry.

Due to LiteTouch™ above mentioned advantages my small practice has become a promising clinic with many patients.  I recommend LiteTouch™ laser system to my colleagues for daily dental practice.”

Dr. Momchilov Kardzhali. Bulgaria

“I’ve been using lasers in my clinic since 2002. The most important & dominant laser in my clinic is the LiteTouch™ Er: YAG laser (2940nm).

LiteTouch™ is the main tool used in my clinic, for oral surgery procedures among others.LiteTouch™ has a wide range of advantages vs. others lasers: Due to his Laser-in-the-Handpiece technology (no fiber), its powerful laser output and the unique ergonomic applicator, allow me to conduct fast and precise procedures, helping me to achieve patient’s satisfaction.LiteTouch™ is the smallest Er:YAG laser in the world and can fit anywhere in my clinic. One should not underestimate that maintenance of other Er:YAG lasers is expensive due to fiber related issues. LiteTouch™’s high reliability saves unnecessary maintenance costs and increases my clinic’s revenues.As the first doctor in the world that has LiteTouch™ in his hands & after experiencing many other lasers, I immediately “fell in love” with this device.LiteTouch™ had become an integral and essential part of clinic, and indispensable in my professional career.I recommend my colleagues to have LiteTouch™, as LiteTouch™ named advantages contributed to boost my clinic’s reputation and revenues.Today I’m a very proud luminary doctor of LiteTouch™ for Light Instruments, a   breakthrough company that invests a lot in clinical trainings, spreading knowledge and couching the next generation dentists.”

Dr. Reyhanian Avi , DDS

Private clinic , Netanya, Israel